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Welcome to Adopt a Pet. We're all about getting homeless pets into homes.

We help over 15,000 animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies advertise their homeless pets to millions of adopters a month, all for free. And now, we're a Kinship company too. Haven't heard of them yet? They're a coalition of brands, teams, and partners, all using their individual strengths to help bring more care to pet care.

We're here for you.

Our collective mission is to connect prospective pet parents with the pet that's right for them. But we don't stop there - through our sister brands at Kinship, we also provide useful information and a wealth of resources to help adopters succeed on their new pet parent journey. Check out The Wildest for articles on everything to help you ace it for your animal - from pet parent to-dos to product reviews to training tips. Head on over to GoodFriend to easily find and book veterinarians, trainers, and groomers near you!

Rehome - the safe and reliable way to find a loving new home for your pet.

Pets are being relinquished to shelters at an unprecedented rate. If you know anyone who is in the unfortunate circumstance of having to surrender their pet, let them know about Adopt a Pet's Rehome program - a free and reliable way to rehome a pet directly from private owner to private owner.

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With more than 1.1 million insured pets, Nationwide is the first and largest provider of pet health insurance in the United States. Nationwide pet health insurance plans cover dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for multiple medical problems and conditions relating to accidents, illnesses and injuries. Medical plans are available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Nationwide pet health insurance works at any vet, anywhere.


Whistle creates smart monitors to track pet health in real-time. Their goal is to give pets a voice and give pet parents better ways to care. To make that happen, Whistle combines science, data, and technology to deliver a 360 view of a pet's health. Their smart collars and devices track everything from general health and activity to GPS location and behavior. And they translate all that data into insights that enlighten pet parents, so they can give radically better care.

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel is the world-leading pet DNA test. They believe knowing is caring, which is why they've spent 20+ years researching and genotyping over two million cats and dogs. Today, they help pet parents know more and care smarter, with the most efficient and accurate DNA test around. With one test, Wisdom offers easy-to-follow insights on breed mix, ancestry, genetic health risks, physical traits, and more. So pets can get more personalized care, and live healthier, happier lives.

The Wildest

The Wildest is a site designed to help pet parents keep their cool. It's the destination for people with pets, with free tools and pretty fun content. On The Wildest, you'll find free training, breed-specific tips, tailored to-do lists, product reviews, articles on pet culture, expert advice, 24/7 access to vet pros, and the occasional cat astrology article. Basically, they've got everything you need to ace it for your animal, whether you're new to pet parenting or a zoologist in the making.


As the world’s leading animal health company, Zoetis exists to nurture the world and humankind by advancing care for animals. With 70 years of experience innovating a leading portfolio and pipeline of medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and technologies, Zoetis stands by those caring for animals by providing solutions worldwide. While Zoetis continues to seek out new and better ways to help pets live long, healthy lives, it’s equally important that you’ve got the tools you need. The dedicated in-house team is constantly sharing vet-approved pet care support and at-home tips – all to help you to be the best pet parent ever.

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