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Do you want the words "Act Quickly!" to appear under your pets' photos on search results pages and the phrase "Act quickly to adopt [pet's name]! Pets at this shelter may only be held for a short time" to appear on your pets' details pages? What's This?

Does your organization qualify as any of the following? (You may be asked to provide supporting documentation):

  • Federal 501(c)(3) non-profit
  • State tax-exempt non-profit
  • Revenue Canada non-profit
  • Governmental, Municipal, or Tribal Agency
Have all pets available for adoption through your agency been given an initial health check and vaccines appropriate to their age?
Are all of your pets spayed/neutered prior to adoption, or if not, do you provide a voucher or require a deposit and have in place a diligent follow-up procedure to ensure the sterilization occurs?
7. Areas Served...
(List cities, counties, etc., that you serve.
Does not appear on your pet listings.)
8. Our Adoption Process:
(Fees, contracts, requirements, etc.)
9. About Us:
(Who you are, what you
do, & why you do it, etc.)
10. Come Meet Our Pets:
(Where, when, location,
adoption events, etc.)
11. Partners:
Pets on can also appear on other
high-traffic web sites with no extra work!
Show my pets on   (Learn more)
Show my pets on   (Learn more)
Show my pets on   (Learn more)
Show my pets on Found Animals Foundation   (Learn more)
Show my pets on Joyful Pets   (Learn more)
Show my pets on LikeThat Pets   (Learn more)
Show my pets on   (Learn more)
Show my pets on Mutual Rescue   (Learn more)
Show my pets on   (Learn more)
Show my pets on   (Learn more)
Show my pets on Petco Foundation   (Learn more)
Show my pets on Pet Harbor   (Learn more)
Show my pets on PetSmart Charities   (Learn more)
Show my pets on Petstablished   (Learn more)
Show my pets on The Shelter Pet Project   (Learn more)
Show my pets on Oodle Classifieds - PILOT PROGRAM (i.e. all pets opted-in may not appear immediately).   (Learn more)

Even more high-traffic websites link adopters to your pets including (learn more),, PeoplePets, and HuffingtonPost.
12. Photo of Shelter, Staff, Volunteers or Logo:
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13. AutoUploading & Shelter Mgmt. Software  
Shelter Management Software Used (If Any)
Yes, we are interested in AutoUploading pet data & photos to
14. Almost done! Just two more questions...
How did you find out about (Check all that apply.)
From someone I know or met (not with
Received an email from
Received a phone call from
Got a postcard in the mail
Found while doing a search online
Met at a conference or event
Heard about from my shelter management software
Saw on TV
Noticed powers a pet search on another site I want my pets to appear on, such as, PetSmart Charities (, etc.
Heard about on Twitter or Facebook
Which of these features was influential in your decision to sign up? (Check all that apply.)
My pets can be automatically seen on your partner's websites (, PetSmart Charities (, etc.).
New Pet Alerts: Every time I add a new pet, people in my area who are looking for that exact type of pet to adopt will be notified by email.
My shelter management software can automatically upload my pets to's searchable database of thousands of volunteers and foster homes.
I can use's "Portable Pet List" to showcase my adoptable pets on my own website.'s easy social networking support tools let me add my pet listings to Facebook or Tweet them with one click.
I can print great-looking kennel cards and adoption flyers for each pet, and I can print them all at once or individually.